Chairman's Message

Our united goal is to help clients achieve and exceed their goals. To do this, we work together with the mutual understanding that only flexibility will enable us to adapt to project scopes as well as management styles of our clients. By maintaining a fluid structure, we also adjust to ever-changing market trends. Therefore, I am best able to duly ensure that our clients benefit from the range of material and physical services we provide.

The vast ARCCO project portfolio reflects our ability to adapt talent and operational systems to suit unique client needs. Therefore, our expertise in requisite fields has allowed us to grow, and concomitantly, we have been able to help our clients take on bigger challenges as they have grown.

As we look ahead to the future, we eagerly embrace new technologies, innovative thinking, operational and technical change, but our commitment, at all levels, to excellence, quality and relationships remain the cornerstone of ARCCO.

I am fortunate to say that our proven commitment continues to support our assurance.

Saleh Zubaiyen